Custom Shape Parking 1×9

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Author: Sarcastrophy
Last revision: 6 Apr at 02:32 2015 UTC


Custom Shape Parking Lot Set:

This collection consists of 16 lots, place them next to each other to create your own custom shaped parking lot!
For the most time lots up to 1×8 should suffice but if you want to go really big (think airports or stadiums) I’ve included up to 1×16.
You can find them in the parks menu.

Cost: 100 per tile
Maintanance: 5 per tile
Electricity: 1 (up from 1×9 it is 2)
No tourists
No entertainment and radius

Since these lots won’t generate tourism or entertainment, they will have a hard time filling up when placed in the middle of nowhere. Place them close to landmarks, parks or anywhere there’s demand for Cims and they will be used.

While this collection works fine on it’s own I can higly recommend some other mods in addition for a better experience, You can find them on the custom shape parking lot home page: