Crématorium d’Amiens Métropole

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Author: Kliekie
Last revision: 19 Aug at 19:51 2016 UTC


The building is an actual crematorium in Amiens, France, however the garden is improvised because the original one way way to big for in-game.

This is the first time I actually also modeled an environment with the building, normally I just use standard props. I have to say it was a tedious job to get it all working as I wanted (a lot of new testing going on with creating ground decals etc), but I’m very happy with the result 🙂

The stats are, because of it’s size, roughly 5 times as much as the base game crematorium.

2260 tris
1024* texture

Custom LOD:
150 tris
128* texture


Amiens, France, deathcare, crematorium, european, cylinder, circle, beige, yellow, peace, death, glass, white, round, ceremony, parking, park, cremation, hearse.