Golden Phragmites

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Author: MrMaison
Last revision: 6 Nov at 06:59 2016 UTC


Golden Phragmites by MrMaison

Introducing the Golden Phragmite. This is an aged version of a common reed great for wetlands and shores.
This is a 2 piece set including smaller (Golden Phragmites), and larger coverage (Golden Phragmite Clusters) versions.
I plan to make more variations of Phragmites from around the world in the future.

More info on this type of grass here

2 piece set
Golden Phragmites- 332 tris 1024 textures
Golden Phragmite Cluster- 1992 tris 1024 textures

For those who don’t know, I strongly suggest Daylight Classic mod to fight the game’s yellow hue.

As usual, I strongly suggest Boformer’s Random Tree Rotation mod
And his LOD Toggler mod

Also BloodyPenguin’s No Radioactive Mod
And Prop and Tree Anarchy

Sharp Textures mod really makes a difference in how the foliage looks in game

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