Recycling Center + Drop Off [Re-Upload] {AD}

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Author: N v K Entertainment
Last revision: 28 Aug at 09:49 2016 UTC


"Full service recycling center. Include a facility where citizens can drop off their recyclables."

A way of clean waste. It can eat double tonnage than the incinerator plant with 0 emissions but with the expense of high noise pollution.

A more expensive version of my recycling center mod with several changes to his shape like a new truck entrance to avoid seeing trucks exiting from a wall, a new ”i” texture to add lights and a new LOD model.
I consider this a replacement of the old one (the old one doesnt have LOD) but with a new upload due a different size and road entrances.

+Specular +Normals + Illumination (1024)
+Custom Icon
+Custom tooltip image
+Custom LOD (256textures)
No color variations

11000 tris 1024 textures.
350 tris LOD, 256 textures.

Warning¡¡ Needs a straight service road (two lane road) in the front yard and a connection to a two lane (one way) road for the drop off facility in the back. Doesnt connect to avenues.

Thanks to Shroomblaze, Ryanjamesoflondon and Mr David for his fabulous props.

Credits: Ngon (Creator), Me (Re-Upload)