[RF] Bubble Up Outlet

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Author: [SSU]yenyang
Last revision: 25 Mar at 23:35 2017 UTC


Bubble Up Outlet by [SSU]yenyang

Required Mod

Soldynes Storm Drain

Dumps Storm water. Requires gravity flow from inlets. It does not require nor conduct electricity.

Outlet Capacity: 7500 units
Cost: 500
Upkeep: 4/week
Electricity: 0 KW

Experimental: Once placed you can click on the outlet and press Page Up or Page Down to raise/lower the elevation of the outlet by 1. The prop won’t actually move, but the elevation values will. I recommend using landscaping tools and replacing the outlet to do it properly.

Must be connected to your sewer and water system but only uses 1 water and 1 sewer. Does not dump sewage. It does not contribute to the water or sewage because storm drain water is kept separate.

Gravity Flow generally means that if you want water to flow from an inlet to this outlet the elevation of the inlet must be higher than the outlet, but that will depend on the Gravity Drainage Settings of Rainfall. See Rainfall Beta Guide.

Storm Drain Inlets and Pumps direct any storm water that is collected to Underground Detention Basins within the same district first, and then to Gravity Storm Drain Outlets and SD Force Main Outlets in the same district once the Detention Basins have reached 80% filled. Anything not included in a district is actually in District 0.

Problems and How to Fix Them

Line Not Connected – You don’t have any inlets in the same district. Add an inlet in this district or move the outlet to another district with an inlet.

Landfill Full – There is not enough outlet capacity within this district. Build additional outlets or wait for the storm to lessen.

Flooding – Flooded – The inlet is submerged and can not operate at full capacity. Fix your grading so that the outlet is no longer submerged.

Rainfall Guide

See Official Rainfall Guide for more details about the Rainfall Mod

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Snow_Cat because without Asset AI Changer & Asset UI Priority Changer, the storm drain assets would not have been possible.

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