Commercial L3 District Style by Luurt

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Author: [NL]LUURT
Last revision: 17 Apr at 15:11 2016 UTC


This is a District style that only contains Level 3 high density commercial buildings, I chose to make this because most commercial districts level up to level 3 quite easilly but once at that level I felt that the amount of different buildings was to small to create a varied skyline. I dont promise to completely remedy this with this district style but its a step in the right direction.

I didnt make any of the assets, I just combined them into a district style using the styles tab in the content manager.

WARNING! Because there are only level 3 buildings in this district style you will need to use the Building Themes (Snowfall) mod, linked below.
For me the theme manager seems to jumble up which building are in a district style so you might need to manually activate them once you’re in the game.

Assets are from;
Quad Rioters 5 assets

ZED68 2 assets








Please report any issues and dont forget to like the assets