Metro Overhaul Mod

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Authors: BloodyPenguin, Lazarus*Man, bsquiklehausen, Tim The Terrible
Last revision: 11 Jan at 12:08 UTC



Update 7.0.3 -Fixed missing bridge/elevated pieces. -Fixed misalignment of one/two lane elevated tracks
Update 7.0.2 -Fixed issue where perpendicular tracks were erroring out -Minor pathing improvements
Update 7.0.1 -Fixed single and side platform station misalignment -Fixed connection between two track one way rails and stations
Update 7.0 –Details Here

Thank you for scoping out the Metro Overhaul Mod. The main goals of this mod are:

  1. Allow the underutilized metro system in this game to be brought to ground, and elevated levels.
  2. Add character to the metro network with new track styles, rendered tunnels and stations.
  3. Extend the functionality of metro with new UI’s controling track aesthetics, as well as underground station depth and length.

  1. Subscribe to the mod and all required items listed on the right side.
  2. Ensure all the associated assets are enabled in the ingame Content Manager.
  3. Metro lines are built like tram lines. You must start by placing a depot (found in the metro menu). This is where metro cars spawn from.
  4. Build your stations, tracks, and lines the way you normally would, only this time, you can go above and below ground!.
  5. Set up your transport lines.
For 7.0 Update
  • The 1.6.2 Patch is not needed anymore and is deleted from the Workshop, and should be automatically removed from your system. Delete folder 943702935 in Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent255710 to if that is not the case.
  • Existing tracks need to be rebuild to show the new pillars. You can do this easily but upgrading to Fenced Tracks and back, or the other way around, using the vanilla Upgrade Tool.

Common Problems
  • If Tracks and Stations are glitching through the surface: You need to (re)build below 12m deep.
  • If your depot is not producing trains:
    • Make sure all the bends in your network a built using the curved road tool, not the straight tool.
    • Make sure your depot is getting power, water, and sewer services.
  • If you are not seeing pillars or other things appear to be missing:
    • Check your assets and make sure that the assets from this mod are enabled in the Content Manager. So far they are:
      1. MetroElevatedPillar.crp
      2. MetroElevatedPillarSmall.crp
      3. MetroBridgePillar.crp
      4. MetroBridgePillarSmall.crp
      5. Classic 1L Pillar (Bridge).crp
      6. Classic 1L Pillar (High).crp
      7. Classic 1L Pillar (Low).crp
      8. Classic 2L Pillar (Bridge).crp
      9. Classic 2L Pillar (High).crp
      10. Classic 2L Pillar (Low).crp
      11. m100.crp*

      *default metro train, or at least one other train from the Workshop

    • Make sure they are all enabled. If you are missing any, unsubscribe and resubscribe.
    • If you are still missing items, please send a link to your output_log to the Bug Report thread.

      Output Log location on Windows:


      Player Log location on Mac OS X:


Unsubscribing (permanently)

If you choose to unsubscribe from this mod, please make sure that you first demolish any MOM station you have placed and unsubscribe from all MOM related assets. Then restart your game.

Conflicting Mods

Recommended & Required Items
Required Items
  • Metropolitan Depot: Depots are needed to spawn metro cars. You need at least one.
  • Train & Stations Converter: Automatically converts most of the rail stations and rail cars you have subscribed to into metro stations and cars
  • Transport Line Rendering Fix: Allows for you to see metro lines when drawn above ground.
  • Spawn Points Fix: Need to make use of the island platform stations.
  • Classic Ground Metro Station
  • Classic Elevated Metro Station

The required items are also listed on the right side.

  • First Person Camera: Updated: Allows you to take a dip underground and look at your metro stations and tunnels in action. Uncheck the option for "Prevent ground clipping", and check the option for "Allow movement in vehicle mod".
  • Fine Road Anarchy: Needed to stack elevated steel tracks over roads.
  • Fine Road Tool: Allows better height control of track heights. Useful for grade level tunnel entrances and sunken stretches of track.
  • Move It!: Pretty much allows you to move anything anywhere and offers an undo button!

Other Housekeeping Items
  • This mod is compatible with most existing metro stations. You will be able to set the length and depth and it should magically render the tracks.
  • If you disable the length/depth UI slider, all new stations will default to 144m long by 12m deep.
  • We are still working on European Main Station‘s integrated metro station. For now, you can use Move It! to move clipping tracks back underground.
  • This mod also re-adjusts how much metro tracks should cost. We plan to do the same adjustments for stations.

Known Issues
  • Stations with perpendicular tracks don’t work for the time being.

Special Thanks

First and foremost I want to thank BloodyPenguin for building out the fabulous code base. Very talented. I learned a lot.

I would also like to thank BadPeanut for his exclusive stations, MrMaison for his dedication to the Metropolitan Depot, bsquiklehausen for the default m100 rolling stock, TimTheTerrible for wonderful track models and Classic Pillars, and scoobyduped for the underground station rotation idea.