Lights After Dark – Privately Owned Advanced Medical Clinic

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Author: Populous
Last revision: 20 Oct at 02:22 2015 UTC


Lights After Dark – Privately Owned Advanced Medical Clinic by Populous

This Advanced Medical Clinic has the lights you have come to expect in this series; however I do not understand the expectation on Government to pay for a company’s building and then continue paying the bills… How do I sign up?

Cheat? No. I thought wait a minute, why do we need dead care every 8 blocks and why is the city paying for private businesses and so I did some research (based on my area) and modeled according to what I found out.

– Lights where there should be ( removed lamp posts and clutter )
– Working employee entrances
– Privately owned
– Cost and Maintenance are the responsibility of Advanced Medical Clinic itself, just like real life
– Works without Afterdark, only the lights will be off.

Yes, absolutely, Thumbnail included for easy identification from the menu system