Small 2-storey kindergarten for 100 children

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Author: targa
Last revision: 17 Dec at 13:50 2016 UTC


Two-storey kindergarten for 100 children (in game Elementary School, student capacity: 100).
Typical project 273 (2-04-17). Architect Lantsova.
The version "only building" – without the territory surrounding a kindergarten.

The walls are painted in one of four colors – light pink, light yellow, light green, light blue.

For design of the territory of kindergarten you can use assets from the Playground Equipment collection.

Game info
  • elementary school
  • 4×2 lot size
  • 100 stidents
  • 3500$ cost
  • custom icon in toolbar (with main asset parameters)

Main model
  • 1,716 tris
  • 2048×1024 texture (_d, _s, _n, _i, _c)

LOD model
  • 132 tris
  • 768×640 texture

Thanks to Gennady Borisov and Alexandra Filatova for their help in testing.

For work of wall lamps requires Wall Lanterns pack.
For it is necessary Network Skins, otherwise lamps won’t shine.

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You see detail characteristics in the table in the table below:

Electricity Comsumption 10
Gameplay common
Construction Cost $3,500
Fire Hazard 1
Fire Tolerance 6
Garbage Accumulation 2
Maintenance Cost 300
Water Accumulation 5
Water Comsumption 5
Uneducated Workers 5
Educated Workers 4
Well Educated Workers 1
Highly Educated Workers 0
Education Accumulation 35
Education Radius 200
Student Count 100

Required items:
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