Railway-as-Metro Station +_MOM

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Author: Liranius
Last revision: 20 Dec at 05:03 2016 UTC


Railway-as-Metro Station +_MOM by Liranius

This is a MOM version of my previous Railway-as-Metro Station +. The original version cannot be properly converted with Metro Overhaul Mod, so I made this one.

If you are using MOM to build new metro systems, please subscribe this one!

If you are seeking metro interchange stations, please subscribe this one!

If you want metro stations which can hold six-car metro trains, please subscribe this one!

If you are user of the original version, please subscribe this one!

IMPORTANT! This asset must be used together with Metro Overhaul Mod and Train & Train Stations Converter mod. If you want this asset to show in metro tab rather than train tab, you need to add the following line under the <modern-stations-to-metro-station> tag in TrainConverter-Config.xml:

<items workshop-id="821875806" description="Railway-as-Metro Station +_MOM" />