Low Residential House Pack

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Author: KingLeno
Last revision: 28 Jun at 01:06 2017 UTC


Low Residential houses by King Leno

Assets consists of 8 .cpr files

3 models, each with siding and brick textures, varying props and colors
Low Residential 100B – 1st model Brick Texture
Low Residential 100S – 1st model Siding Texture
Low Residential 200S – 2nd model Siding Texture
Low Residential 210S – 2nd model Siding/ Red Roof/different colors
Low Residential 200B – 2nd model Brick Texture
Low Residential 300S – 3rd model Siding Texture
Low Residential 310S – 3rd model Siding/Red Roof/different colors
Low Residential 300B – 3rd model Brick Texture

Each house only uses about 2-3 props, but some of the props I’m not sure exactly which props I used in some cases, so I just listed all of them. None of the props are required for these buildings to function. All are growable level 1 low density houses and do not include any RICO settings (however, they do have growable thumbnails).

Lot size – 2×3
Triangles – not even worth mentioning, but all are under 300
Texture – 512 x 256 d,n,i,s,c

See video for an overview of the houses in-game

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