Disasters Enabler

Author: Zenya
Last revision: 25 Dec at 16:55 UTC


This mod enables random disasters for scenarios.

Some not well known facts about the game:

– Disasters that occur when you are playing a scenario are only the scripted ones, i.e. defined by the scenario creator. The random disasters do not occur.
– If you create a scenario but don’t add any disaster – no disaster will happen in the scenario. Ever.

This mod fixes this.

Remark. There are intensity 1.0 thunderstorms happen time to time in any map or scenario. This is normal. Small thunderstorms are not treated as disasters.

Please remember that you still have to enable random disasters in the game options.

Happy surviving!

The source code: https://github.com/ZenyaIse/Cities-Skylines-Disasters-Enabler-Mod

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