Loading Screen Mod [Test]

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Author: thale5
Last revision: 6 Dec at 08:32 UTC


Update Dec 6, 2017

Support for the new DLCs.

Update Nov 25, 2017

Optimized loading of custom network assets (roads, tracks, walkways)
– sharing of identical meshes, materials and textures between assets
– reference tracking across the asset hierarchy (the ‘load used’ mod feature)
– threaded loading.

TODO: Improve the assets report.

Update Mar 8, 2017

Loading Screen Mod has now the same features as this mod, including the fast asset loader:
– I recommend the [Test] version for sending logs because [Test] creates better log files.
– I recommend Loading Screen Mod for general use (less logging means less overhead).

You can subscribe to Loading Screen Mod and this [Test] version at the same time. But please make sure only one of them is enabled!

This mod is documented on the Loading Screen Mod page.

How to test

The purpose of this page is to find the remaining issues if any. Did you find something worth reporting? If unsure, compare by loading with this mod disabled. Submit your findings below.
I also need your output_log.txt (it is in SteamsteamappscommonCities_SkylinesCities_Data, paste the log to Gist, then submit the Gist link below). Thanks for testing!

Using cities-skylines-detour[github.com] by Sebastian Schöner.

Sources are available.[github.com]