Stockholm, Sweden – Europe

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Author: Outcast
Last revision: 19 Dec at 15:04 2016 UTC


A new and improved, updated map of Stockholm, Sweden.

This map is made to be used with my Sweden Theme which only have 2 of the disasters available, Thunder Storms and Forest Fires.

Map is updated with correct highways, built by hand with a map overlay. Highway also goes underground via tunnels from the start.

All train connections and loading yards for trains.

Light Rail (Tvärbanan, Nockebybanan, Roslagsbanan, Lidingöbanan) are built as tram roads, ready to be connected at any time.

Sea Route for ships so they can dock either at the terminal near Slussen or Frihamnen.

Air Routes built over forest/rural areas to avoid flying straight over the city core.

Built with mods so that i could use normal roads in the map editor, however i hit the road limit in the map editor so i could not add all main roads, You can still build them ingame (Map editor hard coded limits are not the same as ingame hard coded limits.)