Copenhagen S-train – Litra SA

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Steam Workshop ID: 837286514 By: Von Roth
Workshop Link | UPD: 8 Jan @ 5:05am

This asset is a regular overground train. If you wish to create an S-train rail network with the Metro Overhaul Mod, then there is a metro version available here: Copenhagen S-Train - Litra SA - Metro.

The litra SA is an electric multiple unit train operated by the Danish State Railways (DSB) on the S-Tog rail network in and around the city of Copenhagen. The SA is the 4:th generation of S-trains to service on the rail network and has been in use since 1996. The trains were build between 1995 and 2005 by Alstom-LHB and Siemens.

The parts of this train shown as red in most of the screenshots are line colorable. Use a red line color to obtain the real world livery.

  • Total capacity: 336
  • Acceleration and max speed: Default values.

Vehicle effects (optional)
The train will have additional effects if you are subscribed to the Vehicle Effects mod and have it enabled. The additional effects are:
  • One additional headlight on the engine
  • Three headlights on last car
Additionally, if you also subscribe to the Extra Vehicle Effects plugin, then this train will also have the following effects:
  • Red tail lights on the last car
  • Wheel flange grinding sound on engine and passenger cars when cornering

Model info:
  • SA (car 1&8):
    Tris: 1442
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 28
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SB (car 2&7):
    Tris: 1072
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 38
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SC (car 3&6):
    Tris: 664
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 18
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

  • SD (car 4&5):
    Tris: 790
    Textures: 1024x512 (d,i,s,c)
    Tris: 18
    Textures: 128x128 (d,i,s,c)

Note: The Photoreal Colour Correction LUT and the Daylight Classic mod was used when taking the screenshots for this asset.

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