Airport terminal module (Glass)

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Author: Zoffy88
Last revision: 21 Jun at 15:39 2017 UTC


A Modular terminal building i made for myself but wanted to share with the community.

Yes its funcional.

As this is my first real hand made asset and i love airports naturaly it had to be airport related.
Its loosely based on the terminal module by ron_fu-ta.

Main model is 7k tris i kno alot i was stunned aswell but works well on my system and its mediocre.
Texture is 2048×2048 propably could be smaller but well iam still learning ^^

Around 300tris
Texture 256×256

The lights dont stay on all night they switch on and off, if you kno how to fix it pls let me kno.

Have fun hope you like it and looking forward to your creations 🙂

"If you find anything that needs fixing pls let me kno"

Required items:
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