[RF] Flood Spawner 1000000

Author: [SSU]yenyang
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Flood Spawner 1000000 by [SSU]yenyang

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The Natural Drainage Assets are free, no maintenance, and can be placed anywhere (anarchy will be needed to place on top of something else). They come in a variety of sizes and are used to create an accurate representation of non-urban hydrology. The assets use the rock assets as a base and will be demolished automatically if you construct anything on top of them. The reason for being asset based is that it gives the user complete control of the simulation. They can be placed outside the users plots using the cross the line mod.

Flood spawning assets are just natural drainage assets with a significant amplification factor. The advantage these assets have over other flood simulations is that they follow the depth/intensity curves of a storm. In the video skip to about half way to see the beginning of the flooding.

1000000 is the number of squares this spawner represents with regards to how Rainfall calculates quantities of storm water produced.

I will also update the image so it isn’t a big green blob.

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