(animated) Solar collector dish

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Author: Giometry E
Last revision: 11 Feb at 08:16 2017 UTC


!!actually rotates!!

Its great, its huge. Its a Solar collector dish that produces energy, and rotates around looking for solar particles. the engineering and refurbishment department of San Palma came up with the idea after a plan was laid down to repurpose the old radio telescope building, which was abandoned since 1975. Since San Palma had been struggling to sustain an ever rising energy consumption, the brilliant structural engineers at the department came up with this.

based on the windmill template, costs double as much, but also produces double as much.
so why is it based on the windmill template and not on the solar power template ? because in order for the animations to work the model needs to be based upon a template that includes animations.

Can be plopped anywhere.

Check the video for a test of the animation

Works as a windmill.