ERP Toll Gantry (2 Tile, 1 Way, RHD)

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Author: aranbear
Last revision: 14 Feb at 11:09 2016 UTC



The ERP Gantry is NOT a functional toll and does not generate moolah. Instead, it functions as a non-generating power asset. Although costly*, is can be use to link up power grids in your city, yet allowing traffic to drive through. Nice ay? 😀

* It is rumoured that erecting and maintaining a single ERP Gantry can cost a couple hundreds of thousands of Singapore Dollar. Yikes…


Ah, the infamous ERP. The electronic toll system that every Singaporeans love to hate. Using the open road toll method, it is a way for the Singapore Government to tackle the road congestion issue. Another infamous method, the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), where you will need to purchase a piece of paper in order to own a car for 10 years, arguably costing about same price as a typical car in Singapore (which is easily S$40,000++). Yay Singapore…

Basic info

Category: Power
Cost: 5000
Maintenance: 1500
Tris: 724
Texture: 1024 x 1024

Now, I know that there are different types of roads available in-game (more so if you use Network Extensions Project). As such, to simplify the number of models, I’ve catered to roads 2 tiles or 4 tiles wide, plus one-direction/bi-direction and RHD/LHD.

Should you wish, you can change the roads via the Asset Editor to the road of your choice.

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4 Tiles Wide, Two Way, RHD:

About the ERP

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is an electronic toll collection scheme adopted in Singapore to manage traffic by way of road pricing. The ERP was implemented in September 1998, replacing the Singapore Area Licensing Scheme, the first urban traffic congestion pricing scheme to be sucessfully implemented in the world. Read more about ERP on Singapore’s Land Transport Authority[] and on Wikipedia[].