Riverport (1:1)

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Author: AliTarGz
Last revision: 20 Feb at 18:50 2017 UTC


Hello, my dear subscribers and all fans of Cities: Skylines!

This is my new project of a harbor called Riverport.
It’s a model of the harbor building of Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)’s port. It’s located on the bank of Irtysh river.

Its distinctive silhouette has a shape of a steamboat. It took me more than 2 months to reproduce it in details 🙂

Special thanks to modder BloodyPenguin who suggested the idea of making this buidling and helped me during all stages of making the asset.

Some boring technical info:
Footprint: 23×8.
Sub-buildings: 4 parts. More detailed info:
All stats are the same as of vanilla harbor.
Name in search panel: Riverport
Construction cost: 80000
Maintenance cost: 1600
Noise pollution: 120
Parking spaces: 51

I didn’t put any streetlights and trees intentionally so that you can decorate it with the ones you like using the following mods:

More Beautification


Prop Snapping


Move It!


Prop anarchy


Tree Snapping

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