Nonstop Bus Terminal

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Author: Senfkorn
Last revision: 9 Jun at 14:39 2017 UTC


Hi community,

welcome to the Nonstop Bus Services.

Before making a bus terminal, I wanted to realize two things. Firstly to make a bus terminal, that is smaller than the vanilla one. I like it very much but it is way too big. Secondly there should exist more exits for busses leaving the terminal. I think it worked. You can try out different methods to place it in your city. Take a look at the screenshots.

Have fun!

If you like my assets, I’d appreciate a little donation (paypal), also in view of all upcoming stuff. Thank you very much.



• added new bus paths, so "Cannot Find Path Error" should be fixed.
• Fire Tolerance fixed from 10 to 20. 10 was too low.

Asset in-game info

Type of building: Transport Bus, Bus Terminal

Asset properties (vanilla)

Size: 8×4 (16×8)
Construction Cost: 12000 (65000)
Maintenance Cost: 400 (1200)
Electricity Consumption: 30 (50)
Fire Hazard: 1 (1)
Fire Tolerance: 20 (20)
Garbage Accumulation: 4 (8)
Sewage Accumulation: 20 (20)
Water Consumption: 20 (20)
Uneducated Workers: 2 (12)
Educated Workers: 4 (27)
Well Educated Workers: 4 (27)
Highly Educated Workers: 0 (6)
Noise Accumulation: 40 (75)
Noise Radius: 75 (100)

Asset info

Tris: 1806
Texture size: 1024×512
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular, illumination & normal map

LOD info

Tris: 248
Texture size: 256×256
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular & illumination map


Screenshots were taken by using Realistic LUT V1.2 combined with Daylight Classic mod. But all assets I made were adjusted for the vanilla game colour settings.