OldParis commercial 1*2 lv2

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Author: Zhubathan
Last revision: 18 Feb at 16:44 UTC


A narrow townhouse in the style of those found in the historic center of Paris. Inspired by thos of the neighbourhood of "le Marais". Some of these dates as far back as the seventeenth century.

Even though the real place harours both commercial and housing, I release this mod as a dense commercial lot, partly because Le Marais is home to many fashionable high-profile boutiques.
A dense housing version will be released sometime soon 😉

ATTENTION : Though not mandatory, the Paris Chimneys prop has much to do with the "typical" character of the building. If you wish to save on the prop count, at least consider downloading this one with the building.

422 tris
2 baguettes
1 croissant

Required items:
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