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Author: ProtoKardas93
Last revision: 6 Mar at 04:03 UTC


Well, this is the city I’ve been working on and off for about a year or so up until the point where I’ve nearly filled out the entire map. I’ve completely redone several districts during this time and I’m mostly curious what improvements people here would make to it, god knows this city probably needs it in places. They don’t even have to be improvements that improve the functionality of the city, they can just be improvements that just make the city look nicer.

If you don’t subscribe to the various mass transit workshop items in the items to the right and in the collections below, you WILL break the mass transit system in the save.

Required Building Collections (Cause I’m not scrolling through all those individual items.)
Quad: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=524840544
Harbor Pack: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=411033076
Berlin Tenement Buildings: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=517812411

Required items:
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[XIRI] LTN Station [In-Avenue Station]On Steam
[1:1] Oriental Pearl, ShanghaiOn Steam
Advanced Bricked Bus StationOn Steam
Airport RoadsOn Steam
All 25 Areas purchasableOn Steam
Zoning toolset (toggle + upgrade tool)On Steam
Wings of AuthorityOn Steam
Tyrell Corporation PyramidOn Steam
Realistic Population and Consumption Mod v8.2.2On Steam
Network Extensions 2On Steam
European Buildings Unlocker (+vice versa) [ ND Compatible ]On Steam
Traffic Manager: President EditionOn Steam
Sharp Junction AnglesOn Steam
Double Track Cargo StationOn Steam
Elevated Railway-as-Metro Station_2 CellOn Steam
Elevated Train Stop (Read Description pls)On Steam
Employ Overeducated WorkersOn Steam
Infinite Oil And Ore ReduxOn Steam
Extra Landscaping ToolsOn Steam
NoPillars ( v1.1+ compatible )On Steam
Nonstop Bus TerminalOn Steam
Industrial Elevated StationOn Steam
Ploppable RICOOn Steam
City StationOn Steam
Joak's International AirportOn Steam
Fine Road AnarchyOn Steam
Fine Road ToolOn Steam
Amber ArenaOn Steam
DropoutsOn Steam
Metropolitan University - Wing AOn Steam
Metropolitan University - Wing BOn Steam
Profitable TourismOn Steam
Slow Trash ProductionOn Steam
Large Taxi DepotOn Steam
Quay AnarchyOn Steam
SolarPowerTowerOn Steam
Small Inner City MetroOn Steam
Quad's CosmopolitanOn Steam
Quad's StardeckOn Steam
Quad's Sanctuary BasinOn Steam