Pest Control Service

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Author: Stanley
Last revision: 16 Mar at 19:06 2016 UTC


Cockroaches? Rats? Wasps?! Are your citizens still live with that annoying "neighbours"? Build the Pest Control Service "Exterminator" in your city and clear it from them all!

Please note, the Pest Control Service uses toxic chemicates, so please keep it as far as possible from living zones and don’t forget to provide the sewerage to dispose of waste.

This mod includes the building and the vehicle.

The parameters of the Pest Control Service:
Cost: 8500$;
Upkeep: 112 $/Week;
Capacity: 60000;
Truck Capacity: 9;
Process Rate: 48000 / Week;
Power Output: 12 MWT;
Pollution: 30;
Noise Pollution: 20;
Water: 192 m^3/Week;
Electricity: 640 KWT.


The game engine has no ability to link the current vehicles or objects to the buildings for use it with them only, so it’s possible with using mods only.

To build the Pest Control Service you have to unlock the Garbage disposal by reaching the population count (if you play without the unlocking mod).

To use the special vehicle of the exterminators with the your building of the Pest Control Service instead of the garbage trucks you have to use this mods:

Service Vehicle Selector 2.2.0;

The Exterminator Vehicle.

Press "pause" in game while placing the building of the Pest Control Service and with using the "Service Vehicle Selector 2.2.0" choose in menu "Chevrolet Van – Pest Control". Remove "pause" in game and wait untill the vehicles appear near of the building.

Please, watch the video in the media bar or from the link below for more information.

Special thanks to DontCryJustDie for his "Service Vehicle Selector 2.2.0" mod.
Please, feedback, if you’ll find the bugs or something incorrect.

Have fun!

Required items:
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The Exterminator VehicleOn Steam
Service Vehicle Selector 2.2.1On Steam