Chinese Restaurant Wang Chun

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Author: Emperor Li
Last revision: 14 Mar at 22:24 2017 UTC


Chinese Restaurant Wang Chun (Growable Lv2 3×3)

Nothing really new actually, just slightly modify my old Chinese Restaurant Chang Chun to make another Lv2 restaurant.
I also make another one with level 3 (Chinese Restaurant Xiao Chun).

All 3 restaurants have the same texture, so I recommand using Loading Screen Mod.

If you want to make it RICO ploppable, you can go to RICO setting panel, find it under high density commercial, add local and save.

Enjoy and thank you for subscribing!

model infos:
Tris: 1294
maps: 1024×1024 (d,a,i,n,s,c)
LOD tris: 82
LOD maps: 128×128 (d,a,i,c)

my workshop content 我的工作坊物品

Tags: Chinatown, Chinese Restaurant, 中國城, 中国城, 唐人街

by Emperor Li