Cell Phone Tower [Big05]

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Author: rared2w64
Last revision: 20 Dec at 21:35 2016 UTC


This version can be found in the electricity class and can share electricity, but the lights refuse to work!

Model: 694 Tris; Map resolutions 512²; Albedo, Specular, Alpha, Normal
LOD: 43 Tris; Map resolutions 64²

Looks like the LOD issue was solved.
but sitll if you want to learn more about the issue that confused me then you can read about it here:

Sketchfab is so honored to be implemented in steam that their viewer doesn’t even work properly in the steam application, so better look at it with a browser like firefox, chrome, edge etc. https://sketchfab.com/models/0b43b5d29a424fceb544f7ed6d83ad19

Update: 5 Dec @ 2:35am:
It now shares electricity.
But it seems like the lights stopped working…

If you want this asset with working lights or just as a prop [but it won’t share electricity],
then you have to use this version: