Aedificium – Hotloading workshop items while you play

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Author: Tailgunner
Last revision: 11 Feb at 18:00 2017 UTC


This mod looks for new workshop subscriptions to buildings, intersections, props and trees and loads them on the fly for instant use.

YES, that means you can SUBSCRIBE to something from the workshop and USE it instantaniously!

The mod is capable of handling dependencies, so if you subscribe to a building that’s beautified by external props or trees, the mod will subscribe to and install them automatically.

The mod is compatible with RICO – buildings. It also integrates with the new phantastic FindIt mod.

Note that this mod is beta. Bugs are likely.

The mod may cause your game to freeze or stutter for a few seconds while installing assets with long depency chains. That’s normal, just let the steam client do its thing.

How it works

There’s nothing much to do for you really. Once you subscribe to an asset – either via your real browser or the built in Steam one, it will take a few seconds until your Steam client finishes the download.

Once that happens, a Chirper message will notify you of the new subscription and the games panels will be updated.

Plop the new asset as ususal. You can also click on the icon in the chirper message.

Youtubers and Streamers

If you happen to feature the mod in your videos / streams, please let me know.

Beggars corner

If you like what I am doing and want to support my work and my little family, please have a look at my Amazon Wishlist ( ) or paypal me ( ).

Also, I am sitting here still on the standard game with no DLC. I have another fine mod in the pipeline, but I can only partially test it, since I’d need the DLCs for that. ( Did disasters introduce new services btw?) So if somebody has a leftover gift code, I’d be grateful.

Known Issues

Textures may disappear over a certain height, earlier than normally.

Other mods not using the PrefabCollection directly but by keeping a local copy will probably not reflect hotloaded buildings (Like for instance the Building Search mod, use FindIt instead )

What’s the name

It’s latin for "building". Consider it a working title. I’ll probably go for something better like "Impromptu" or "Hotload" when this gets out of beta.

Thank You’s.

Many thanks to thale5 for giving me a starting point with his Loading Screen Mod.