Infinite Goods

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Author: Googen
Last revision: 8 Apr at 09:18 UTC


Commercial, industry and shelters have infinite goods. Get rid of industry and traffic!

What it does
  • Commercial buildings have infinite goods – build a city with no industry! Enabled by default.
  • Industrial buildings have infinite materials – have only the types of industry you want in your city! Disabled by default.
  • Shelters have infinite food. Disabled by default.

You can configure the mod to your liking. If you want a city without any farming and forestry, you can toggle the Food and Lumber boxes and your generic industry will have infinite Food and Lumber.

Important: If you enable this mod for a resource (Lumber, Oil etc.) that you have industry buildings producing, the buildings will try to export all of its products. This will most likely cause the industry to be abandoned because there aren’t enough buyers.

What it does not
  • The mod doesn’t adjust the spawn rate of cargo trucks/trains. Some trucks will spawn and try to deliver goods, although a lot less than before.
  • Your cims will still need a place to work and thus there still will be a demand for industry/offices.

Compatible mods
  • No incompatible mods are known.
  • Buildings placed with Ploppable RICO are supported.

  • If you think the mod isn’t working: Go to the options menu in game and check if you can find the "Infinite Goods" tab and check if your options are correct. If the tab isn’t there, ensure the mod is enabled in the Content Manager.
  • If the mod is not showing up in the Content Manager in game: Try unsubscribe and resubscribe.
  • If you get an error saying something about an XML file: Look up the file in your file explorer (the path is likely displayed in the error) and delete it (InfiniteGoodsConfig.xml). This will reset your settings.

This mod can safely be enabled and disabled at any time!

Source code