City Bus Terminal & Metro

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Author: BoldlyBuilding
Last revision: 25 Oct at 21:57 2017 UTC


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UPDATE: This terminal now has smaller textures which are adjusted for saturation and brightness, a different prop layout, with trash and dead issues MAYBE being fixed, and it now includes an underground metro stop.
Update 2: This asset no longer requires sub-buildings enabler for the metro stop.


This terminal is a step up from the defualt terminal. It boasts a sleek concrete, glass, and metal design with wood accents. It has a large indoor area for boarding busses, illuminated with overhead star chandeliers. In addition to its bus services, this terminal also has an underground metro stop for the convenience of your travelers.


In-game stats:
Cost – $85,000
Upkeep – 1,280 / week

Model stats:
Main model – 7,043 tris, 1024×1024 textures
LOD model – 486 tris, 256×256 textures



*There is an issue with bus routes sometimes going through the sides of the building if there are roads along the sides. Try deleting the roads alongside the building while placing routes or place it so roads are only along the front if this happens.
*You MUST have the AFTER DARK DLC purchased and installed to use this asset.


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