Distribution Center Cargo Station

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Author: Avanya
Last revision: 19 Oct at 15:15 2016 UTC


A cargo train station which fits perfectly into my modular distribution center. It’s rotated 90 degrees compared to the default one and functions as a terminus, but the track can be extended in both directions if you wish, though some sort of road anarchy mod is needed if it needs to cross a road.

It uses both tracks and works like it should, though I could not get the trucks to line up properly with the loading bays. It’s a bit silly they drive into the building anyways, but I figure it’s a small detail which can be ignored. 🙂

Same as default

Tris: 2276
Texture: 2048×1024

Tris: 140
Texture: 256×128


Copyright 2017 Samantha Olesen. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Avanya. If you have a good reason for another version to exist, then message me and we can talk.