Mustard Inc. (ploppable RICO ready)

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Author: Senfkorn
Last revision: 18 Jan at 10:41 UTC


Hi community,

this is my first asset, made with blender. It’s the first one of an upcoming series of RICO buildings, cause I like ploppable RICO, cause I like Cities Skylines!

If you don’t use Ploppable RICO (1.6), you will find this building in your Unique Building panel.

Any requests? Tell me!

Have fun!

If you like my RICO assets, I’d appreciate a little donation (paypal), also in view of all upcoming stuff. Thank you very much.



• reduced triangle count from 6462 to 2632
• improved diffuse, specular, illumination & normal map added
• alpha map added

Asset in-game info

Type of building: RICO office level 2
Workers: 120
Size: 9×4

Asset info

Tris: 2632
Texture size: 1024×1024
Texture types: diffuse, alpha, specular, illumination & normal map

LOD info

Tris: 26
Texture size: 256×256
Texture types: diffuse, specular & illumination map


Screenshots were taken by using Realistic LUT V1.2 combined with Daylight Classic mod. But all assets I made were adjusted for the vanilla game colour settings.