Quad’s Lost Sky

Author: Quad Rioters
Last revision: 30 Oct at 09:24 UTC


Losing it all to find yourself.

– Commercial: High, Level 3 (highest)
– 4×4 (cornered)
– Tri: 1138
– LOD Tri: 112

– v2: Improved clipping (The rooftop part still clips, it better be).

– The asset(s) is normally a growable. To plop, see Quad Architecture and Ploppable RICO mod.
– To place the buildings like in the third and fourth screenshots, the terrain must be completely flat and Quad Architecture + Ploppable RICO mod is necessary (it beats random chances).

Known Issues
– The buildings slightly clip through each other if placed nearby like in the screenshot.

Conceptual Notes
– "Lost Sky" was a placeholder asset back since the Snowfall first release. It was to be named "Skyline" with a much taller design but was change to what it is now.
– I am sick and tired of the speculation map for window creating weird white glow during the day in-game (minus Asset Editor). So this is my first building attempting to have non-windows.
– This building unintentionally looks like Vexation. I just realise…

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