Chirp X Launch Pad – Space Shuttle

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Author: Ignus
Last revision: 19 Mar at 18:54 UTC


Launch pad for Chirp X Space center. Featuring the american Space Shuttle.

The Space Shuttle was first launched in 1981 as a part of a program to reuse parts of the vehicles in order to make launches into Earth orbit less expensives.
Soon the shuttle became a true icon and probably one of the most recognizable vehicles in space flight so far.
A total of 6 orbiters were made, 5 of those capable of reaching space. During the program lifetime a total of 135 missions were launched, with 133 successful ones and 2 failed as result of tragic accidents.
In the end the cost reduction wasn’t as significative as initially expected so the program was ended in 2011.

Model Stats:

Main model: 5948 tris
Main textures: 2048×2048 D, N, S, I, A
Lod model: 581 tris
Lod textures: 512×512 D, I

Game Stats:

Level 4 Unique Building
Lot size: 7×15
Plop cost: 85000
Upkeep: 1600 /week
Does almost nothing, it’s just for looks. Won’t take tourists or workers. It is very noisy though. Can be placed anywhere on the ground. Comes with dirt roads (2 unit sepraration) to build crawlerways!!

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