Cities Skylines Police – Ford Mondeo

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Author: Zarrix
Last revision: 15 Mar at 06:03 2017 UTC


This is the my new idea of creating a real Cities Skylines Police Corp.

This model is the Ford Mondeo, for all my USA friends 🙂 re texture and adapted for the best quality/performance.
The Ford can be a good all around purpose vehicle for the Police, allowing them at the same time to patrol and engage in pursues as well.

Tris: 2051
LOD Tris: 126

I hope you can enjoy this as much as I do.
The car in game still look much better than the vanilla one and the performance is almost identical.

I made a lot of effort to achieve this small collection, so I would love if you leave me a thumbs up 🙂

Feature plans:
-Another American Muscle
-Electric Car
-Official Cities Skylines Police Station (on going)

Let me know if you have any ideas and would like to help me out.

BIG THANKS to @Starkiller 6x’s and @CRISGAMES’s for helping me out and allow me to use their models.