Elevated Freight Station

Author: squirrelarmyuk
Last revision: 9 Oct at 14:32 UTC


A compact Victorian style fully functional freight station. Designed to fit within a standard 4 tile city block.

2,377 Tris
1024×1024 Texture
139 Tris
512×256 Texture

Only a few required props. The station will function without them but its the little details that make all the difference.

Although not required for the asset I recommend the use of the additional embankment packs by Jerenable to further detail the area around the station.


Prop Anarchy and More Beautification will be needed to place those props. Essential tools for any city painter.

This asset has been designed to fit in alongside existing railway buildings.

The excellent Old Town series by Kenny Powers will fit in the same 4 tile city block.


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Required items:
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Embankment piece packOn Steam
Container CraneOn Steam
SAPS Ladder 6mOn Steam
SAPS Ladder 12mOn Steam
SAPS Ladder 24mOn Steam