Quad’s Lockdown

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Author: Quad Rioters
Last revision: 24 Jan at 15:40 2017 UTC


You called down the thunder… now build a lighting rod.

– Size: 8×10
– Type: Police > Prison
– Tri: 3,378
– LOD Tri: 185
– Texture Size: 2048×1024
– LOD Texture Size: 256×128
– Description: A confined prison with a more humane environment. It is highly cost, but effective in an urban situation.
– Requirement: After Dark DLC

– Cost: 175,000
– Upkeep: 3,200
– Workers: 35/40/35/10
– Average Sentence Length: 15
– Jail Capacity: 750
– Pollution Noise: Moderate (50/100)
– Police Trucks: 10
– Radius: 4,000
– Summary: Is an advanced prison, is expensive but more neighbor-friendly, has more capacity and vehicle counts.

Stats Compared to Prison
– Is more compact.
– Is more expensive in cost and upkeep.
– Consumes more utility resources.
– Has the same sentence length.
– Has five more vehicle counts.
– Has 250 more jail capacity.
– Has greatly-reduced noise and its radius (way less vile to your neighbors at large).
– Has two-time increased radius.

Conceptual Notes
– The entire concept of this asset was based on the name itself and also is to have an option for the urban-styled correctional facility.

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