Quad’s Overwatch Beacon

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Author: Quad Rioters
Last revision: 19 Jan at 15:45 2017 UTC



Assets: 2
– Overwatch Beacon
– Overwatch Beacon’s Levitator

Attribute: Overwatch Beacon
– Size: 4×4 (intrusive)
– Type: Police > Police Helicopter Depot
– Tri: 4,920
– LOD Tri: 458
– Texture Size: 2048×1024
– LOD Texture Size: 256×128
– Description: Invaders or saviors?
– Requirement: Natural Disasters DLC

Stats: Overwatch Beacon
– Cost: 150,000
– Upkeep: 3,200
– Workers: 0/0/0/30
– Vehicles: 30
– Radius: Entire map
– Summary: Is expensive, requires no electricity, water or treatment, has many more vehicle counts.

Stats: Overwatch Beacon, Compared to Police Helicopter Depot
– Is way more compact but arbitrary and very large and in visual.
– Is way more expensive in cost and upkeep.
– Consumes no utility resources (still needs an electrical grid).
– Has 25 more vehicle counts.
– Has two less helipad marks.

Attribute: Overwatch Beacon’s Levitator
– Size: n/a (spawnable)
– Type: Vehicle > Police > Police Helicopter
– Tri: 1,590
– LOD Tri: 134
– Texture Size: 1024×1024
– LOD Texture Size: 128×128
– Requirement: Natural Disasters DLC

Stats: Overwatch Beacon’s Levitator
– Max Speed: 20
– Summary: Is exactly like Police Helicopter.

Advance Vehicle Options (AVO) mod is needed to prevent normal police helicopters to spawn along with Levitators.
– The asset will consistently spawn numbers of flyers non-stop in a big city, be sure you can tolerate that.

Conceptual Notes
– Let the invasion begin!
– Due to no custom animation, it doesn’t spin yet again.
– Overwatch Beacon has exact the same model as Overwatch (Park), but with the beacon base.
– Overwatch Beacon’s Levitator is a smaller model of the Levitator (Plane or Park).

Known Issues
– Despite being 4×4, the ground may be forced flatten by the size of 12×12
– Despite not requiring electricity, they will not glow outside the city’s electrical grid.

Special Thanks
– BloodyPenguin for the functioning mothership idea. I wished I made Overwatch before its the park version so I didn not have to upload the same models twice.
– SamsamTS for Advance Vehicle Options (AVO) mod.

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