Quad’s Gauss

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Author: Quad Rioters
Last revision: 31 Jan at 12:12 UTC


Prepare for the rolling blackouts.

– Size: 4×6
– Type: Power Utility > Solar Power Plant
– Tri: 2422
– LOD Tri: 194
– Texture Size: 2048×1024
– LOD Texture Size: 256×128
– Description: Gauss operates as a clean and highly-effective power plant utilizing state-of-the-art electromagnetic acceleration technology.

– Cost: 125,000
– Upkeep: 2,800
– Workers: 0/10/20/20
– Electricity Production: 480mw
– Required Resource: n/a
– Pollution Noise: Moderate (75/150)
– Summary: Is a mid-way alternative between Solar Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant, is expensive but produces large amount of clean energy, required no sunlight or any resources.

Stats Compared to Solar Power Plant
– Is more compact.
– Is more expensive in cost and upkeep.
– Requires no sunlight and produces power equally both day and night.
– Produces three-time more electricity.

– v2: Overhauled the asset, Adjusted stats (a bit more pollution noise).

Conceptual Notes
– This power plant used Solar Power Plant template from the pre-After Dark DLC version, where the day/night cycle was not implemented yet. Therefore, the asset behaves equally both day and night unlike the current Solar Power Plant.

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