Quad’s Liberator

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Author: Quad Rioters
Last revision: 24 May at 17:22 2017 UTC


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– Fire Department
– 6×4
– Tri: 1,793
– LOD Tri: 150
– Description: Liberator Response Unit is a group made up of trained men and women to respond to emergency situations.

– v4: Improved models and textures, adjusted stats.

– Cost: 80,000
– Upkeep: 1,440/week
– Workers: 10/10/30/30
– Fire Safety: 100
– Radius: 2,000
– Fire Trucks: 20
– Summary: Has very large radius for fire risk reduction, has less fire trucks, is somewhat expensive but has the same upkeep as a Large Fire Station.

– The radius can reduce fire risk but the fire trucks still need to travel on a road to a burning building. Either having this building with other fire stations or having this on an open road to avoid burnt-down buildings.
– As the reason above, this building may not be reliable in an industrial area like a single Large Fire Station over multiple smaller ones.

Conceptual Notes
– The concept took two months to process on top of the other projects, and it itself underwent many changes. The first concept was U or donut-like building, but then it would take up too much space. In the final concept, I decided to go with the taller version of the fire station to fit an urban theme. Consequently, I am left with some unused models thank to this beast.

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