3-storey Med Clinic (250 patients) OB

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Author: targa
Last revision: 15 Jul at 05:25 UTC


Three-storey med clinic for 400 (500) patients.
In game Med Clinic, patients capacity: 250.
The version "only building" – without the territory surrounding a clinic.

The walls are painted in one of four colors – light pink, yellow, light orange, light green.

Game info
  • med clinic
  • 6×4 lot size
  • 250 patients
  • $25,000 cost
  • custom icon in toolbar (with main asset parameters)

Main model
  • 4,773 tris
  • 2048×960 texture (_d, _s, _n, _i, _c)

LOD model
  • 148 tris
  • 1872×584 texture

For work of wall lamps requires Wall Lanterns pack.
For it is necessary Network Skins, otherwise lamps won’t shine.

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You see detail characteristics in the table in the table below:

Electricity Comsumption 100
Gameplay common
Construction Cost $25,000
Fire Hazard 1
Fire Tolerance 10
Garbage Accumulation 25
Maintenance Cost 6000
Water Accumulation 50
Water Comsumption 50
Uneducated Workers 25
Educated Workers 40
Well Educated Workers 15
Highly Educated Workers 5
Ambulance count 20
Curing rate 50
Healthcare Accumulation 250
Healthcare Radius 1200
Patient Capacity 250

Required items:
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