Between Rivers 1.1

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Author: Rafael
Last revision: 15 Mar at 23:22 2017 UTC


Hey guys!
I decided to make a map based on my hometown and nearby cities in Southern Brazil, the map is almost 100% accurate, the build area is an region of around 40km from the starting plot.

This region has extremely fertile land and forestry areas as well a somewhat big ore field.
Also I took the freedom to add an oil area even though the real life region doesnt have one.

The land is located between several hills and cut by rivers. One big river to the south that originates two smaller ones, one of those ends in a lake nearby and the other continues for hundreds of km. There is a small rivers to the south east that is not connected to anything.

The map has land, air, rail and boat connections.

I hope you like my first submission ever to the workshop.
Have fun! 🙂