IOperateIt [pre-alpha/still testing!]

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Author: tony56a
Last revision: 1 Jun at 06:13 2017 UTC


Drive vehicles around your very own city!

A driving vehicle simulator, in the vein of the U-drive-it mode of Simcity 4 and Streets of Simcity. The mod lets you operate any vehicle currently driving around the city, or spawn any vehicle on a road segment with 3 view angles:

Far view
Follow up
First person

What’s new!

Fixes for 1.4.0 patch
Parked Vehicle collision detection
Improved vehicle rotation


To enter driving mode, (optionally) select a vehicle from the "Vehicle Selector" panel, click on the "Spawn vehicle" button, and click on a road segment.
Alternatively, clicking on the "Drive This Vehicle" button in the vehicle info panel will spawn a copy of the vehicle in the same spot.

Once in driving mode, controls are:

Arrow keys: Control the vehicle
F2: Exit driving mode
F3: Switch viewing mode
F5: Toggle lights

Upcoming Features

Configurable control forces
Configurable control keys
Vehicle lights
More documentation
Vehicle driving audio
Random Missions
Road collision detection


This is a "Just testing!" version, and has a number of limitations. Most significantly, with the current version, there is no physics interaction with road segments, which means things like non land vehicle behaviour, and the rotation of the vehicle aren’t available yet. Enabling physics for road segments will likely detouring/overriding the road rendering functionality to include enabling physics, which might take some time. Additionally, the close-up view might not work correctly for all vehicles, paticuarly non-car vehicles( boats, planes, etc ).


FPS Camera for game panel extender and camera positioning
Skylines-Multiplayer for the character control code[]
Road Namer for the road selector tool code
Logo icon designed by Freepik


Wanna help out?(I’ll help too!) Have any ideas? Feel free to send new issues/pull requests to the link above!