Timboh’s A-Trumpet Interchange

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Author: Timboh
Last revision: 15 Jul at 19:03 2015 UTC


Mirrored Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411393372

Let’s take a break from all the 4-ways and move on to some 3-way interchanges, and is there any better way to start then with a trumpet interchange. In real life, this is by far the most popular design worldwide because of its low cost and small size compared to T-stacks. However, its capacity is among the lowest of all 3-way interchanges, mainly because of the 270-degree loop some vehicles have to make. In-game it seems to be working quite fine though, so don’t let reality stop you from ploping this down in your city!


+ With only two bridges, and two levels, it should be childsplay to plop this down in rough terrain
+ No weaving
+ Can be upgraded to a T-stack by replacing the 270-degree loop with a flyover
+ Fairly small

– The 270-degree loop might slow down traffic


Cost: 15 380
Upkeep: 188 / week

In-game description:
Easy does it, as a wise man once said, and you can’t get any simpler than a trumpet interchange!


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