Elevated Train Station

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Author: Wince
Last revision: 7 Apr at 04:08 2017 UTC


Elevated Train Station (16×8 – Vanilla asset, no mod required)

Short description:

An elevated train station you can use anywhere.


electricity: 1200 kW
water: 400 m³ / week
cost: 47 500
upkeep: 960 / week
workers: 60 ( 12 / 18 / 24 / 6 , uneducated / educated / well educated / highly educated)
Noise pollution: 110
Noise radius: 125
Garbage Accumulation: 12

– Tracks height is: 1 Maximum step + 1 small step

– Terraforming flat pre-build is recommanded if you want the secondary track height to be the same as the station track. (the secondary track follow the terrain while the station track don’t when you plop the asset)

3D models:

vertices: 3534
tris: 5085
textures: 1024×1024

lod_vertices: 177
lod_tris: 200
lod_textures: 256×256


A revamped & modified elevated version of the original vanilla train station track.
Stat are real close to the default vanilla station, with a slighty higher cost an slighty lowered noise pollution and radius

Of course everithing is fonctionnal, regional and intercity train, pedestrian ai on both railway platforms + exit both side of the station if you want to link the other side with a path network

– Track height is: 1 Maximum step + 1 small step

Mostly made it because why not, and wanted to test if it was doable + i’m not really a fan of game mechanics modifier and tend to prefer asset only with a vanilla install.

update history


asset editor helpers/enhancers used to create this asset:

from BloodyPenguin:
more network stuff (mostly for default invisible pedestrian path in the asset editor)
advanced building editor (for station spawn point and reinit the invisible path and special props)

from SamsamTS
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766190099 Move it (mostly to change the shape of the train station track and edit the invisible pedestrian path)

they are not required to use the asset, they mostly only unlock more default fonctionnalities within the asset editor wich bring more edit flexibility

wip / to do

– eventually a few 3dmodel and textures improvement ( more railings on platforms, a roof etc.)