Early Bird Civil Defense System

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Author: Althazar
Last revision: 24 Feb at 22:17 2017 UTC


A tornado doesn’t care about your little hamlet. A tsunami can wipe a small town off the map. You need early solutions for whenever a disaster strikes. While there really isn’t a need for air raid sirens and fallout shelters [yet], the government still wants you to be prepared for when tragedy strikes.

Enter the Early Bird Civil Defense System. A small fallout shelter (known as a "small vault") that can hold around half the number of citizens safely and can easily fit into small towns without blowing the budget. But it’s a bit of a waste if you don’t have the means to alert people, right? So we’re also including two air sirens for you to place in your cities; A Thunderbolt and a 2T22 (Yes, North American Sirens) that act as short-range radio masts that cost much less and have slightly less "broadcast strength" than their radio counterparts… But even a wailing siren warning of an incoming twister or killer wave is better than nothing at all.

Unlike most of my other items on the workshop, I will try to return to this one to add in the appropriate sound effects for the sirens, that is, once I can figure out how to add custom sounds to a specific asset rather than trying to replace game files.