Golden Gate Bridge

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Author: Hyena
Last revision: 18 Mar at 01:44 2016 UTC


Golden Gate Bridge, in scale 1:1

Total length: 2.700m
Width: 36m (for game 6 lanes avenue pass)
Height: 228m

The model dont have nightlights because the editor dont let me put in all bridge (yet).
Its my firts model, i hope you enjoy.

>> Atention <<
You need the no pilar mod!

>> Instructions <<
1. Put the bridge (its in power section)
2. Make a 6lanes avenue with no pilars.
3. Enjoy

Model: 20284 tris (yes, a lot, its a big model, It is the least I could do)
Lod: 1200 tris

Required items:
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NoPillars ( v1.1+ compatible )On Steam