Better Budget

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Author: Harold Finch
Last revision: 14 Jul at 10:43 2016 UTC


You in full control: Fast access to all service budgets.
Better Budget

  • Direct access of the budget slider in the demand windows
  • Budget adjustments through the known day and night sliders
  • Add and remove sliders as you go. Fully customizable!
  • Future expansion compatible
  • Custom windows with 4 different presentation modes (Default, Slider only, expand on mouse hover, Plus/Minus Buttons)
Source Code

You can take a look at the source code over at github.[]

Resetting to Default (Deleting save file)

Close your game!! Search for %appdata% in your windows searchbar. This should open the folder Roaming and contain a folder called BetterBudgetMod. Delete the folder and start the game as usual.

Mods which work well with Better Budget

City Vitals Watch

Special Thanks goes to:

UndergroundHero – City Vitals Watch – Implementing interaction into his mod plus doing a shoutout back to my mod
AcidF!re – Extended Public Transport UI
nlight – ModTools
Snowshoe Bunny – For helping me figure out on how to search objects[]
Website with all available ingame icons[]