Building Theme: Victorian Render – 1850-1880 – Terraces and Houses

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Author: dshp01
Last revision: 13 Dec at 00:13 2015 UTC


For use with the Building Themes mod ONLY (REQUIRED):

And the associated collection (REQUIRED):

A set of low density residential assets inspired by the townscapes of Brighton, Plymouth and Bristol, designed to automatically level up, forming a realistic townscape from circa 1850-1880. The buildings are rendered and painted in a variety of pastel shades, common where buildings were constructed from rubblestone (or Bungaroosh in Brighton), due to a shortage of local brick clay.

Assets are either 1 or 3 tiles wide, higher level houses will only grow on progressively deeper tiles, as they need decent back gardens.

Your city will develop poorer and wealthier areas with suitable houses to match, depending on the prevailing conditions. This will be more noticeable with these assets than with the game’s default assets, adding to the gaming experience.