Old Brick Station by Bad Peanut [Modular]

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Author: BadPeanut
Last revision: 21 May at 14:47 2016 UTC


This is a modular central train terminal consisting of two assets: Module 1 and Module 2 Left. No mods are required for this to work. Keep reading the description if you have any issues before you post a stupid comment 😛

If you would like to use this station with Metro Overhaul Mod (release TBA) then please use the Train & Train Stations Converter Mod by BloodyPenguin


Expansion 1: M2.R

Expansion 2: M2.C

Module 1 (M1)

++ accepts all passenger trains, including outside connection services
++ includes embedded metro station
++ snaps to road
++ custom LOD


cost: 45000
upkeep: 960/week
water 400/week
electricity: 1200KW

triangles: 1584
maps: d,a,n,i,s 1024×1024
LOD triangles: 176
LOD maps: d,n,i,s 512×512

Module 2 Left (M2.L)

++ accepts intra city passenger trains, and in the right conditions, outside connection services (I’ve seen this once in testing so best to plan the M1 as the outside connection just in case)
++ modular, repeat placement
++ snaps to M1
++ custom LOD


cost: 23500
upkeep: 381/week
water 400/week
electricity: 1200KW

triangles: 534
maps: d,a,n,i,s 1024×1024
LOD triangles: 94
LOD maps: d,n,i,s 512×512


Place the M1 along a road, then place M2’s snapping to the M1 (aligning the roof looks best!). Place the M2’s consecutively moving away from the road otherwise there’s no guarantee transfer will work. If editing placement, delete M2’s and place again, moving from closest to the M1 out.
If you find after editing that transfers aren’t occurring then delete all modules and start from scratch.

Known Issues:
++M2’s have unfixable high crime and (rarely) deaths. If you get sick of seeing the flashing icons there is a mod on the workshop that hides them ( link to mod ), check it out.
Testing Fix
++if connected to outside connection network i have seen (once) the erratic spawning of outside connection trains. There seems to be a limit of how many can be spawned at a time (thankfully) but it is consistent. If it starts it will keep going. I haven’t had this happen every time I’ve placed the asset but if it happens to you you have 2 options: 1 keep playing but keep that module on a separate network (so as not to clog your lines) or 2 only use these modules for intra city services. I apologise for the inconvenience but i have no reasonable explanation to why this occurs. Strictly speaking each module is an individual train station asset so it’s not like there’s a change of code or anything from single track stations. Quite frustrating really.

I may add expansion modules to this station in the future.

Bad Peanut

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