Doel Nuclear Power Plant

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Author: Ronyx69
Last revision: 13 Apr at 22:07 2017 UTC


Doel Nuclear Power Plant – Belgium

Includes a main building set, 12 individual buildings and 5 props.

The big building is a power plant, all the others are decoration buildings.

The big building requires a road connection, so drag a road to the main big garage in the front.

The reason sub buildings enabler is required is it allows having a main with sub-buildings together, but also allows them to be used seperately.

The other buildings in the screenshots are Avanya’s warehouses and BB Offices.

Thanks to Jerenable for the idea, planning and part of the modeling.

This project took over 100 hours. (~100H Ronyx and ~14H Jerenable)

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Sub-Buildings Enabler (DEPRECATED)On Steam